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Will Leather Goods

So here’s the thing; I have wanted a leather rucksack for a long long time. Alas, despite trawling through every possible flea market, vintage store, regular store or indeed any other kind of retail venue I can think of, I’ve completely and utterly failed to find one. It’s been getting to me. A lot.   However, I recently stumbled across the leather goods maker William Adler. A stage actor hailing from Texas, he discovered a … READ MORE

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Seeing Double

First and foremost, I wish I’d discovered Dan Mountford sooner. Second – and actually just as important to say – that doesn’t mean I love it any less. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a sucker for detail – in fact the more intricate the better. So, this guy certainly doesn’t fail to disappoint.   He’s still only 20 and at university in Brighton but his double exposure photographic compositions already … READ MORE

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I’m not normally one for the vintage shops on London’s East End – I always feel like I’m being ripped off. Actually, scratch that, I know I’m being ripped off. That said, the new vintage “department store” that’s opened up on Hanbury Street  ain’t all that bad. While since it opened on August 5th I have a sneaking suspicion that its initial not-too-stomach-wrenching prices have crept up, the clothes are all in pretty good nick … READ MORE

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Cardie Cool

Icelandic born and Antwerp trained Bóas Kristjánsson has already graced the pages of many a “Dazed and Confused-esque” magazine for his original but not over designed knitwear. So what exactly is it that we like about him? Well for a start it’s nice to see someone willing to play with the colour of a menswear collection in the same way that they would for womenswear. Whilst it’d be a tad far-fetched to say he’s pioneering the … READ MORE

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Henrik Vibskov

Seeing as it’s only the beginning of July and British summer is somewhat of a rarity, I should perhaps be thinking summer and not winter. That said, the Henrik Vibskov Autumn/Winter 2011 is calling to me. It’s probably largely to do with my (not-so) inner geek lusting as the styling – glasses in particular – definitely make “nerd” cool. I always think it’s hard to design for both men and women and not fall into … READ MORE

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The Right Kind of Rust

I’m a diehard fan of Proenza Schouler so always await the latest collection in nervous anticipation, hoping and praying that they won’t blot their perfect copy book. Needless to say, they delivered yet again for resort 2012 so I can sit back for another few months until another round of angst in September. Colours were russets, rusts, maroons and sages with the odd dirty teal and purple dropped into the mix and all brought out … READ MORE

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Solar eats

So I’ve never heard of Lapin Kulta beer, but they are sponsoring this super cool traveling solar kitchen this Summer -  watched a few films of their first restaurant set up in Milan, and the food looks delicious…rustled up by Antto Melsniemi, a hearty Fin with some radical food ideas Everyone seems completely amazed (as am I) that these mirrored satellite dishes, designed by Marti Guixe, focus the energy of the suns rays creating enough … READ MORE

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Lierac Paris Morpho-Slim ‘Anti-Cellulite’

Dreading the beach? Let’s get real about this, plenty of us out there have a little bit of cellulite, it’s a fact of every day life. Personally, I don’t give a hoot about mine, it’s part of me. But I did give this little wonder product a whirl, and must say I wasn’t disappointed. Although I’m now a bit sad it’s gone… Thanks to the “morphing” effect, you gain in firmness what you lose in … READ MORE

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